What Can Hypnotherapy Help You With?

What’s holding you back? What is keeping you from making the changes? Achieve a better level of wellbeing and the ability to manage your thoughts, feelings and behaviours.


How to feel more positive and relieve your menopause symptoms using hypnotherapy

Reduce your Anxiety through Hypnosis Help

It can be hard to control your worries. The unease affects your daily life. I can help you manage your emotions.

Weight Loss Help with Hypnotherapy and Change your Relationship with Food and Exercise

Working on behaviours and beliefs surrounding food for lasting sustainable change. Free yourself. No more fad diets!

Health and Pain Management through Hypnotherapy

Managing your long term health condition and helping you get back in control.

Increase your Confidence & Self Esteem through Hypnotherapy Help

Increase your confidence and raise self esteem to help achieve your goals. What’s stopping you?

Stress Management with Hypnotherapy Help

Improve your focus, relieve stress and take control. Live your life with much more balance.

Reduce Fears & Phobias through Hypnotherapy Help

Having extreme and irrational fears? These can be shifted and you can learn to function normally.

Habits and Addictions Help with Hypnotherapy

If bad habits are interrupting your life, learn new and healthy behaviours which aren’t detrimental to your health.

Overcome PTSD and Trauma Help with Hypnotherapy

When symptoms do not disappear and start to hinder your everyday life help is at hand.