How to feel more positive and relieve your menopause symptoms using Hypnotherapy

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Hypnotherapy is a natural remedy for menopause. It is safe and provides a viable alternative to drug-based treatments if you don’t want to or can’t take Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT). If you are on HRT, it can work well alongside your treatment to enhance the positive effects.

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What is the menopause?

The actual menopause is 12 months after your last period - a one-day event. However, you can experience many menopause symptoms before this happens, which can be physical and emotional and can start up to 10 years before and for some women even longer, and this is called ‘peri menopause’, afterwards ‘post menopause’. It’s a natural transition of life for all women.

What are the signs and symptoms of the menopause?

About eight in every ten women will have additional symptoms for some time before and after their periods stop. There are over 30 menopause symptoms. Here are some common menopausal symptoms:

and more..

How can hypnotherapy help reduce your symptoms of the menopause

How you think and feel can directly impact how you experience the menopause transition. Using hypnotherapy techniques and coaching strategies helps you have more positive menopause and live well by:

  • Focusing on what you can control around this challenging time 
  • Changing habits and lifestyle choices to support hormonal balance
  • Managing your thoughts and feelings and gaining more emotional control
  • Reducing your stress and managing anxiety
  • Manage and reduce symptoms such as hot flushes, joint pains and headaches.
  • Gaining coping strategies 
  • Improving your mood 
  • Increasing the quality of your sleep
  • Starting to look after you with the proper self-care
  • Setting clearer boundaries with others
  • Creating a better life balance
  • Feeling more happier and less irritable
  • Increasing your energy and reducing fatigue 

Hypnosis has evidence for its effectiveness in reducing anxiety, treating insomnia, and improving menopause symptoms. Around 85% of women who are menopausal experience hot flushes and hypnosis has been shown in clinical trials to be as effective at treating hot flushes as hormone treatment (HRT). Baylor University Mind-Body Medicine Research Laboratory found that hypnosis could reduce hot flushes by as much as 74%.

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